Eurovision 2003 winner Sertab Erener to perform again in 2024 contest

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Erener is set to take over the Eurovision stage in Sweden with her iconic hit 'Everyway That I Can'

Eurovision 2003 winner Sertab Erener to perform again in 2024 contest

Sertab Erener, renowned Turkish singer and Eurovision 2003 winner, is set to return to the Eurovision Song Contest stage after accepting an invitation from Sweden, the country hosting this year. 

She will perform "Everyway That I Can," her winning song, as part of the 2024 contest events in Malmo, Sweden, with the semi-finals running from May 7 to 9 and the grand final on May 11. 

Erener's comeback has generated significant buzz on social media, with fans eagerly anticipating her performance and reflecting on Türkiye's Eurovision legacy.

Türkiye withdrew from Eurovision in 2013 over changes in the voting system and has remained absent from the scene since then.

Türkiye's past in Eurovision

Türkiye has a rich history in the Eurovision Song Contest, with notable entries such as pop singer Hadise's "Dum Tek Tek" in 2009 and rock band Mor ve Otesi's "Deli" in 2008.

Veteran artist Kenan Dogulu's "Shake It Up Sekerim" in 2007 represented the country with pride.

Turkish artists have left an indelible mark on Eurovision since the country's debut in 1975 when Semiha Yanki represented Türkiye with the song "A Minute With You" ("Seninle Bir Dakika.")

With Erener's return, fans hope for another memorable performance that could bring victory again to Türkiye in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Stay tuned for updates as Erener prepares to mesmerize audiences with her talent on the Eurovision stage.

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