Tickets for Bryan Adams' Istanbul concert now on sale

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Bryan Adams brings his 'So Happy It Hurts' world tour to Istanbul's Ulker Sports Arena on Oct. 18, with tickets available for purchase

Tickets for Bryan Adams' Istanbul concert now on sale

Canadian rock musician Bryan Adams will perform as part of his "So Happy It Hurts" world tour at the Istanbul Ulker Sports Arena on Oct. 18. The event is organized by NEO Events & Stellar Co., with tickets currently on sale. 

At 64 years of age, Bryan Adams continues to delight audiences around the world with his powerful live performances. Adams has established himself as one of rock's most acclaimed singers and songwriters. The famous rock star's career spans more than four decades of hits, 17 albums, and countless concerts. 

Over the years, he has earned three Oscar nominations, five Golden Globe nominations, a Grammy Award, and 20 Juno Awards. 

Source: Newsroom

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