'I read the Quran cover to cover during Ramadan': Will Smith

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Hollywood icon Will Smith recently spoke about reading the Quran during Ramadan. He praised its clarity, calling it 'crystal clear'

'I read the Quran cover to cover during Ramadan': Will Smith

Hollywood actor Will Smith recently opened up about his spiritual journey, revealing that he read the Muslim holy book Quran “cover to cover” last Ramadan. He made his reflections during an appearance on "the Big Time Podcast," hosted by Egyptian journalist Amr Adeeb.

Recalling the difficult times he endured over the past two years, Smith said he turned to spirituality to navigate through the hardships he experienced.

The Quran is "very simple" to read, he said, noting that he “loved” the simplicity of the Quran.  

“It is so clear … crystal clear. It’s hard to walk away with misunderstanding,” Smith said.

Speaking of the Quran, Smith emphasized that the story of the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) had a positive impact on him.

“I was amazed to go through plenty of references about Prophet Moses in the Holy Quran,” he said.
Smith’s podcast interview has gone viral online.

During the interview, the renowned actor delved into various topics, sharing personal anecdotes and insights.

"The Big Time Podcast" was aired from Saudi Arabia.

Sharing his admiration for Saudi Arabia, Smith said that this was his third visit to the country.

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