Newly discovered asteroid will approach Earth even closer than the Moon

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A newly discovered asteroid with a diameter of 64 meters will come very close to our planet on Saturday. The asteroid named '2023 DZ2' is expected to pass 'safely' at a distance of 160 thousand kilometers from the Earth.

Newly discovered asteroid will approach Earth even closer than the Moon

NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination Office said in a statement that the asteroid has a width of about 55 meters, according to the space agency's real-time tracking tool. However, information was also shared that the asteroid was moving at a speed of 36.84 kilometers per second.

According to the news of Earth Sky, NASA stated that close passes are frequent, but a close pass of an asteroid of this size occurs only once in a decade. It was also announced that this asteroid transit presents a unique scientific opportunity.

NASA reported that scientists at the International Asteroid Warning Network will follow the imminent pass of the asteroid in question.


The asteroid named 2023 DZ2 will pass even closer to Earth than the Moon. It will come to a distance of half the distance between the Moon and Earth.

First detected by astronomers at the La Palma observatory in Spain's Canary Islands in late February, 2023 DZ2 was announced on March 16, 2023.

The asteroid 2023 DZ2 is estimated to have a diameter of 64 meters. However, it can also be less or more than its actual size. During the close pass, scientists hope to be able to make a more accurate calculation.

Classified as a 'Near-Earth Object', the asteroid orbits the Sun every 3 years and moves at 28,000 kilometers per hour, which is relatively slow compared to other asteroids that astronomers have studied.

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