Turkish scientist invents electronic bra that detects cancer

2023-08-02 13:47:46 | Last Update : 2023-08-02 17:11:47

Turkish scientist Canan Dagdeviren, the inventor of the pacemaker, has developed an electronic bra that can diagnose breast cancer. The Turkish scientist said she dedicated her invention to all women.

Turkish scientist invents electronic bra that detects cancer
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Turkish scientist Canan Dagdeviren has made another important invention.

The famous physicist and her team have developed an electronic bra that can detect cancerous tissues in the breast.

Thanks to the ultrasonic receivers in the device, an ultrasound of the entire breast is taken in a few seconds without the need for any operator.

In this way, cancerous tissue is detected early and regular breast screening can be performed without even visiting a doctor.


Dagdeviren stated that she was in search of inventing such a device because of her aunt who was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer at the age of 49 and died within 6 months.

Schematic of a cancer-detecting electronic bra and Canan Dagdeviren (R), her aunt (L)

"We imagined and designed this work together in my aunt's hospital bed as she lived her last 12 days, and now it will go beyond imagination and touch the lives of millions of women. I dedicate this invention to all women; you are not alone,” she said.

Canan Dagdeviren, a scientist living in the United States, continues her work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Laboratory.

The Turkish scientist had previously made a breakthrough in the medical world with her skin cancer detection device and wearable pacemaker project.

Source: TRT


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