Space X rocket lifts off, launches 4 astronauts into space

2023-08-26 15:02:04 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-08-26 15:10:43

Space X, the space company of billionaire businessperson Elon Musk, launched its new mission called Crew-7. Launched with a Falcon 9 rocket, 4 astronauts set off for the International Space Station (ISS).

Space X rocket lifts off, launches 4 astronauts into space
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The Crew Dragon capsule, which includes 4 astronauts who will be in charge of the "Crew-7" mission of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), was launched at 03.27 local time from Kennedy Space Station in the US state of Florida with Space X's Falcon 9 rocket.

The new team, led by NASA's Jasmin Moghbeli, included Dane Andreas Mogensen of the European Space Agency (ESA), Satoshi Furukawa of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), and cosmonaut Konstantin Borisov of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roskosmos).


The Crew Dragon capsule carrying the crew is expected to separate from the Falcon 9 rocket and orbit towards the International Space Station (ISS), arriving at 8.39 a.m. local time tomorrow after more than 24 hours in orbit.

The new team, which is expected to stay on the station for about 190 days, will take over the mission from the "Crew-6" astronauts who have been on the station since March.

Source: Anadolu Agency