Eskisehir University researchers developing Turkish-made robots

2015-01-05 12:46:37

Turkish researchers developing Turkish-made robots in Eskisehir Osmangazi University

Eskisehir University researchers developing Turkish-made robots
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Researchers from Eskişehir Osmangazi University (ESOGÜ) are developing a domestically designed and produced robot through their company, "Robotes Robotik Çözümler" (Robotes Robotic Solutions), which they founded with a loan from the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB). 

Professor Osman Parlaktuna, the founding partner of the company and the chair of the ESOGÜ Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, told an Anadolu Agency reporter that the university began its studies in robotics in 2012 with KOSGEB's contribution to research and development, under the umbrella of the Anadolu Technological Research Corporation (ATAP). 

Parlaktuna said that they are currently working on innovation as well as research and development of android mechanical robots. "We have developed a 'five axis deburring robot' thanks to a contribution of TL 320,000 [$136,475] and with the research and development support of certain establishments," Parlaktuna noted, while also providing insights to their project. 

"We intend to develop a robot that can automatically remove burrs from metal castings. We have produced a prototype robot with our design and software along with ESOGÜ-based companies' mechanic parts in order to do this. If we become successful, we will manufacture this robot for casting companies across Turkey," Parlaktuna added. 

The project, whose research and development work finished last September, will now proceed to the next phase. "Once the committee approves the project, we want to apply for KOSGEB's commercial economic support," Parlaktuna said, adding that the company's other projects apart from industrial robots are ongoing. "For example, we are also working on animatronic, human-like robots that we will finalize in a very short time," Parlaktuna said. 

Stressing that industrial robots are imported from other countries, Parlaktuna emphasized that "when people begin using Turkish made industrial robots, the importing costs will be reduced and Turkish producers will have much easier access to these robots. Moreover, the robot along with its software will help producers increase the quality of their work force."

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