Teknofest supports youth's technology projects

2020-10-01 16:30:00

Turkey's largest technology event provides young people with opportunities to develop their projects

Teknofest supports youth's technology projects
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Turkey's largest aviation and technology festival, Teknofest, has helped young people develop their skills and create technology projects.

People, particularly the young, find opportunities for receiving support and expert opinion on their projects at Teknofest, which started Thursday and ended Sunday in Turkey's southeastern Gaziantep province.

Aleyna Akin, 18, affiliated with a science center in the Marmara province of Sakarya, said competitors learn about their deficiencies and mistakes in Teknofest.

"At Teknofest, we learned how to introduce our project in the right way," she added.

Akin's team developed a vegetable-based hydrophobic project which absorbs oil in water and helps clean the environment.

Cooperation opportunities

Ayse Arya Atan, 9, a young science enthusiast in the eastern Mardin province, said her team found a chance to cooperating other teams in similar projects.

The team produced self-healing cement, with spirulina and calcium lactate.

Hasibe Usenmez, 9, a team member, said that through their project, buildings can be earthquake-proof and stronger when the cement is used with supportive construction on the base.

They are also planning to attend the coming technology events.

Social benefit projects

Kerem Berker Pinar, 16, a student from Garip Zeycan Yildirim Science School in the Black Sea province of Samsun, said Teknofest expands the participants' perspectives.

Pinar's project, receiving constructive criticism from experts, help send messages to security personnel when non-disabled people park in disabled-parking area.

Kaan Aydeniz, 18, studying at Izmir Science School in the Aegean region, said his project has received support through this event.

The project aims to develop a robotic surgical arm which can be used by doctors even in long distances, he expressed.

The project, named Virtual Reality (VR) Supported 3D Micro Teleoptic Surgery System, is a cost-effective one along with its VR glasses advantage, Aydeniz stressed.

Aydeniz and his school have participated also in the previous Teknofest events and received awards in different categories.

The annual event was originally set for April, but postponed due to the pandemic.

Teknofest is held in the Turkish metropolitan city of Istanbul in odd years, while in others in even years.

Anadolu Agency has been the global communication partner of the event since 2018, including this year.