iPhone 14 users suffers from the self-starting issue of their device

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Apple services have started to give many errors recently. So much so that iPhone users from all over the world experience reboots or different errors many times a day. Apple's stance on this issue was quite surprising.

iPhone 14 users suffers from the self-starting issue of their device

iPhone 14 users shared that they encountered an error on social media platforms. According to these shares, phones sometimes fail to restart the device more than once a day. In addition, the phones sometimes experience freezing errors.

According to an iPhone 14 owner who spoke to Apple, there is no hardware issue with the device, but there is a software issue. On the other hand, another iPhone 14 user announced that he took his phone to the authorized service and offered him the same model of unpackaged product there.

Another user who had the same problem shared that he had his phone repaired, but there was an unrepaired crack on the bottom right of the screen. This attitude of Apple, which did not accept to repair, was met as an unexpected move by its customers.


Apple did not make a statement for the problem experienced in iPhone 14 models in many parts of the world. It seems likely that it will fix the problem by issuing a new iOS update.

In addition, some iPhone users also reported that the screen went black. iPhone users who changed the wallpaper shared that the problem was solved temporarily.

Apart from all these, iPhone users from many parts of the world, including Türkiye, are faced with another error for a long time. Many iPhone models require an Apple ID Password to continue using it out of the blue throughout the day.

This error, which has been bothering users in a short time, has not been repeated for many users for a while. Affected countries include Türkiye, Japan and Brazil.


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