China enforces labeling of AI-generated content on websites

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The cyberspace regulator is set to launch a campaign to regulate content generated by artificial intelligence on the internet

China enforces labeling of AI-generated content on websites

Beijing will ask websites to mark AI-generated information and tag fictional content as China moves to regulate artificial intelligence, the state-run Global Times newspaper reported on Friday.

The country’s cyberspace regulator will conduct a campaign to regulate AI-generated content on the internet.

It includes handling illegal accounts that use generative and/or synthetic algorithm technology to create rumors and marketing hype.

Meanwhile, China has called for high-quality development of AI to assist in promoting children's mental health, and protection of children's rights.

In a joint statement delivered on behalf of 80 countries at Thursday's 55th U.N. Human Rights Council session, Ambassador Chen Xu said AI as a new field of human development should “adhere to the concept of consultation, joint construction, and shared benefits.”

China's permanent representative to the U.N. office in Geneva urged joint work to promote the governance of AI: “The new generation of children has become one of the main groups using and benefiting from AI technology.”

He added that all parties should adhere to fairness and inclusiveness, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, provide technical support to developing countries, and share experiences and good practices to bridge the intelligence gap.

Chen called for adherence to “unity in diversity, respect to national sovereignty, laws, national conditions, and historical, religious, and cultural backgrounds to strengthen AI's international governance."

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