Ataturk Airport transforms into world-class tech, entrepreneurship zone

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Terminal Istanbul is set to transform Ataturk Airport into the world's leading hub for technology and entrepreneurship, housing 2,000 tech companies

Ataturk Airport transforms into world-class tech, entrepreneurship zone

The Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology is spearheading the transformation of Ataturk Airport terminals into Terminal Istanbul, poised to become the world's largest center for entrepreneurship and technology.

Terminal Istanbul is one of Türkiye's primary technological ambitions and aims to cultivate new entrepreneurs.

This project spans 138,600 square meters and will house 2,000 technology companies, making it Türkiye's largest technopark.

The park will feature a variety of facilities, including modern offices, incubation centers, accelerator programs, co-working spaces and R&D labs – all designed to fast-track innovative projects.

Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacir explained the project's significance, stating: "Now we embark on a new journey, adding a new function to this center. We are transforming the Ataturk Airport terminals into the world's largest technology and entrepreneurship center under the Terminal Istanbul brand."

Terminal Istanbul is also setting up as the new convergence point for global tech companies and investment funds. It aims to strengthen the relationship between entrepreneurship and society, integrating Deneyap Technology Workshops, Science Centers, Coding Schools and a Children's University within its framework.

These facilities focus on the development of young people, offering practical, team-based education and new-generation software training.

The Children's University will create a 2,700-square-meter educational environment, annually engaging thousands of children aged 10-13 in practical science and technology learning experiences.

Baykar Chairperson Selcuk Bayraktar emphasized the project's potential, saying: "This project will cultivate young talents capable of creating significant global impact, particularly in the field of high technology."

Turkcell CEO Ali Taha Koc expressed his company's commitment to the project: "As Türkiye's Turkcell, we are thrilled to be a stakeholder in Terminal Istanbul, a catalyst for digital transformation."

He emphasized Turkcell's support for emerging digital and wireless communication technology entrepreneurs.

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