LinkedIn enters gaming arena, promising fun twist to professional networking

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LinkedIn introduces puzzle games, connecting users beyond resumes, while employer rankings add a competitive edge to the gaming experience

LinkedIn enters gaming arena, promising fun twist to professional networking

LinkedIn, the renowned professional networking platform, is venturing into the realm of gaming.

The company is reportedly in the process of developing puzzle-based games aimed at enriching user engagement.

LinkedIn, recognized as one of the premier platforms for job hunting, boasts a massive user base spanning the globe. The platform has significantly streamlined the job search process.

The latest initiative from LinkedIn aims to offer users more than just networking opportunities.

App researcher Nima Owji posted a series of screenshots on X showing some of the games LinkedIn is working on. 

Employee Scores to Impact Company Rankings in LinkedIn Games

Subsequently, the company has corroborated this development in a statement to TechCrunch.

Per TechCrunch, the titles LinkedIn is working on so far include “Queens,” “Inference” and “Crossclimb”. The latter bears resemblance to the wildly popular puzzle game "Wordle," which garnered immense acclaim and was acquired by The New York Times in 2022.

Further evidence of LinkedIn's foray into gaming has surfaced, including features that tie player scores to their workplaces.

The performance of employees in these games is poised to impact the ranking of their respective companies within the gaming interface 

While confirming the gaming initiative, a LinkedIn spokesperson declined to provide a specific launch date, emphasizing the objective of infusing enjoyment into the platform, fostering stronger relationships, and sparking meaningful conversations.

LinkedIn Follows Meta's Lead: Introduces Gaming Experience

LinkedIn, a subsidiary of Microsoft, joins the league of social media platforms embracing gaming as part of their user experience enhancement strategies.

Meta's Facebook, among others, has already integrated in-app games to cater to user entertainment needs.

Considering Microsoft's extensive presence in the gaming industry as the parent company of Xbox, speculation arises about its potential involvement in LinkedIn's gaming endeavors. 

The news of LinkedIn's gaming venture emerges against the backdrop of recent workforce restructuring within the company.

In October of the previous year, LinkedIn announced the termination of over 600 employees, citing the necessity of talent changes for business management.

The company underscored the difficulty of such decisions in a blog post, stating: "Talent changes are a difficult, but necessary and regular part of managing our business."

As LinkedIn embarks on this innovative venture, observers await eagerly to witness how it will reshape the dynamics of job searching and professional networking in the digital age.

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