AI-Powered recruitment revolutionizes hiring processes

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Norm Digital's Vinter, an innovative AI-driven recruitment platform, promises to revolutionize hiring processes, offering streamlined and transparent solutions for businesses worldwide

AI-Powered recruitment revolutionizes hiring processes

Norm Digital, a subsidiary of Norm Holding based in Izmir, has introduced its artificial intelligence-powered recruitment platform, Vinter.

Utilizing image and language processing techniques, Vinter conducts the initial screening among job applicants, thereby streamlining HR processes and reducing costs.

Despite being recently introduced, Vinter, developed by Norm Digital, has already been preferred by 92 companies.

It is expected to screen 1.5 million job candidates for 500 user companies this year and the next.

"Vinter offers employers a modern and digital approach to managing recruitment processes through a SaaS platform. Developed with artificial intelligence and enabling asynchronous process management, it facilitates candidate evaluations to be conducted more efficiently," Erkan Yeniçare, General Manager of Norm Digital and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vinter, stated. 

Final decision belongs to recruitment

Erkan Yeniçare elaborated on how Vinter creates an efficient and transparent process between candidates and human resources departments while saving time and costs for businesses:

"With Vinter, the recruitment process is carried out entirely impartially, evaluating all candidates transparently, fairly, and in line with the requirements of the job position. Vinter is not a decision-maker but a platform that provides decision support, with the final decision resting with the recruitment responsible."

Leading the way in comprehensive candidate evaluation with AI

Yenicare mentioned that during the development of Vinter, they examined all large language models (LLMs) worldwide.

"In this regard, we trained our LLM. What we provide with this model includes multi-modal candidate assessment with artificial intelligence for factors that could directly or indirectly influence decisions in a recruitment process, technical and competency question evaluations through natural language processing, interpretation of visible impressions through image processing, person verification through image processing, facial expression analysis, and behavioral analyses.

There are a few software like Vinter worldwide, but none are as comprehensive as Vinter. Vinter offers a very comprehensive service that evaluates candidates' technical and social skills using generative AI, along with personality tests, English and English pronunciation tests, depending on the applied position, automating all processes."

Expansion overseas

Yenicare noted that all tests administered by Vinter were prepared by academics.

"In a short period, we reached 92 user companies. Currently, Vinter is being used by leading companies in their sectors. This year and the next, we aim for Vinter to be used by 500 companies and reach 1.5 million candidates. We believe Vinter will progress faster abroad and will also see significant growth in Türkiye."

Erkan Yenicare described the working model that also contributed to the development of Vinter:

"When we set out, we aimed to produce software companies using artificial intelligence technologies. Our software team, established last year, consists of very valuable academics. Using a methodology we named Start-Up Machine, we transformed an idea into a software company in nine months, starting from scratch, and Vinter was the first fruit of this working method."

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