TikTok challenges EU's content moderation

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EU's challenges Meta, TikTok's content moderation law

TikTok challenges EU's content moderation

On Thursday, TikTok, the popular video-sharing app, said it is contesting the European Union's fee for enforcing the Digital Services Act (DSA), a legislative framework introducing stricter regulations for large online platforms.

This development comes shortly after Meta, Facebook's owner, announced a similar move challenging the EU's fee calculation methodology.

DSA, in effect for large companies since last year, addresses various aspects of online activities, including content moderation and consumer protection. Platforms categorized as "very large," including TikTok, must comply with more stringent rules under this legislative framework.

TikTok, known for its short-form videos and expansive user base, now falls under the regulatory purview of the DSA.

The EU's executive arm, the European Commission, has established a fee for the companies to help finance the enforcement of the DSA.

As TikTok and Meta challenge the EU's fee calculations, it remains to be seen how these appeals will be addressed and whether the methodology used to determine the fees will be adjusted.

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