EU launches probe into TikTok over child protection concerns

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The European Commission has initiated formal proceedings against ByteDance's TikTok under the Digital Services Act (DSA)

EU launches probe into TikTok over child protection concerns

The European Commission (EU has taken a significant step Monday by initiating formal proceedings against ByteDance's popular social media platform, TikTok, under the Digital Services Act (DSA). 

This move reflects the EU's commitment to ensuring the protection of minors in the online space, considering TikTok's substantial influence on millions of children and teenagers globally. 

The document reveals that the DSA investigations prioritize enforcing rules designed to safeguard minors, making it a top concern for EU Commissioner Thierry Breton.

TikTok's unique position as a platform catering to a vast audience of young users underscores the particular responsibility it bears in adhering to the stringent regulations outlined in the DSA. 

TikTok's compliance with the DSA will likely set a precedent for how other social media platforms navigate regulatory landscapes, emphasizing the need for robust measures to protect users, especially minors, from potential harm and inappropriate content online. 

Source: Reuters

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