Vans customers warned of data breach risk

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VF Group, the parent company of Vans, detects unauthorized activities on IT systems in December 2023, prompting caution among customers

Vans customers warned of data breach risk

Customers of the famous footwear brand Vans have been alerted to a potential fraud or identity theft risk after a data breach at its parent company, VF Group.

The breach, detected in December 2023, has raised concerns among consumers.

According to Vans, the VF Group detected "unauthorized activities" on a segment of its IT systems late last year.

While the company assures that no detailed financial information or passwords were compromised, criminals may have misused the obtained customer data.

In a statement to its customers, Vans revealed that the breach was first identified by VF Group on December 13 and was believed to have been orchestrated by external threat actors. Immediate measures were taken, including shutting down affected IT systems and engaging cybersecurity experts, resulting in the hackers' expulsion by December 15.

Vans reassures customers

The compromised personal information primarily includes details typically used for online purchases, such as email addresses, full names, phone numbers, billing and shipping addresses.

However, Vans clarified that no payment or financial data, including bank account or credit card information, was collected or retained, mitigating the risk of exposure to detailed financial information.

While no customer impact has been reported thus far, Vans cautioned that the breach could lead to identity theft, phishing, and potential fraud attempts.

Customers have been advised to remain vigilant against suspicious emails, texts, and phone calls requesting personal information.

Vans has taken proactive steps, informing relevant law enforcement agencies and committing to reviewing its cybersecurity protocols to prevent future incidents.

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