Turkey-Uganda Joint Economic Commission meeting commences

2013-09-17 09:57:00

Second term meeting of Turkey-Uganda Joint Economic Commission (MEC) started with the participation of Turkish Deputy PM Bulent Arinc and the Minister of Trade Amelia Kyanbadde

Turkey-Uganda Joint Economic Commission meeting commences
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The second term meeting of the Turkey-Uganda Joint Economic Commission (MEC) started on Tuesday with the participation of Turkish Deputy PM Bulent Arinc and Uganda's Minister of Trade Amelia Kyanbadde. Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said an opportunity for cooperation between Turkey and the Republic of  Uganda might emerge in agriculture, energy, transportation and health with the implementation of other agreements which constituted the legal frame of mutual commercial and economic relations. Arinc had visitedUganda during the first MEC meeting in 2010. Stating that the commercial and economic issues to be discussed at the second meeting would significantly contribute to two economies, Arinc stressed that mutual relations exhibited serious development in the last three years. He noted a Turkish embassy had opened in Ugandan capital Kampala and Turkish airlines had started direct flights to Uganda. The trading volume between the two countries reached 32 million USD in 2011 and a 26 million USD trading volume was recorded in 2012, said Arinc. On the other hand, Ugandan Minister of Trade Kyanbadde expressed her gratitude for Turkish hospitality. Kyanbadde said the Ugandan economy showed 5.8% growth and was ranked among the 100 growing countries in the world. She added that despite the slow progress of trading volumes between Turkey and Uganda, they were optimist about the development of mutual commercial relations. 

"I invite Turkish investors to Uganda so as to provide quality and added value in Uganda. I am sure that they will provide added value in Uganda." said Kyambadde.

She invited the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) to open an office in Kampala in order to implement new projects and follow the development of mutual relations.

An MOU (memorandum of understanding) will be signed within the scope of the closed-to-press meeting which will last for two days.

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