Baghdad hosts book exhibition showcasing Ottoman cultural legacy

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Iraqi and Turkish officials inaugurate a display of Ottoman artifacts and books in Baghdad, emphasizing shared history and future collaborations

Baghdad hosts book exhibition showcasing Ottoman cultural legacy

The "Ottoman Cultural Heritage Book Exhibition" opened at the Book and Document House under the Iraqi Ministry of Culture in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.

Iraqi Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Antiquities Ahmed el-Bedrani and Türkiye's Ambassador to Baghdad, Ali Riza Guney attended the opening of the one-day exhibition in Baghdad.

The exhibition featured hundreds of Turkish and Ottoman Turkish books related to Ottoman history, along with some calligraphy panels by Iraqi calligraphers.

Minister Bedrani of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities emphasized during a press conference that the Baghdad Book and Document House possesses documents related to Iraq's history and the entire region.

Bedrani recalled that during the 2003 U.S. invasion, many works at the center were burnt and lost.

500 Years of Relations: Iraq-Türkiye 

Highlighting the warm relations between Iraq and Türkiye, Bedrani mentioned that the two countries' histories span over 500 years and have geographical and religious ties.

"There are many documents in the Ottoman archives. These documents narrate the history of the three provinces in Iraq that were under the Ottoman State," the Iraqi Minister expressed their desire to collaborate with Türkiye on archives for the benefit of postgraduate students.

Minister Bedrani added that neighboring countries have contributed to the return of historical artifacts stolen from Iraq.

March 27 proposed as Türkiye-Iraq Joint Culture Day

Ambassador Guney of Türkiye expressed his satisfaction with the display of Turkish books at this historic venue. 

"The Iraqi National Library and archive are a valuable source of knowledge for the rich history of Iraq and the region. The building we are in seems to have been reborn from its ashes. The exhibition of artifacts from our shared history with our Iraqi brothers in this building that has witnessed history sheds light on our historical relations, contributing to bridging the distance between us," he said.

Referring to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's initiative to establish the National Library, Guney mentioned their intention to declare today (March 27) as Türkiye-Iraq Joint Culture Day.

Ambassador Guney also announced that, in a year, these artifacts would be exhibited in the Turkish library section here with the support of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).

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