The Weeknd donates $2.5 million food aid for Gaza via WFP

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World-famous Canadian singer Abel Tesfaye, known by the stage name 'The Weeknd', donates 2.5 million dollars to Gaza via WFP

The Weeknd donates $2.5 million food aid for Gaza via WFP

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) announced that Abel Tesfaye, the famous Canadian artist known by the stage name "The Weeknd" and WFP Goodwill Ambassador, will donate $2.5 million to Gaza.

In a written statement made by WFP, it was noted that Tesfaye's $2.5 million aid to Gaza corresponds to approximately 4 million food packages, and that this aid will provide 173,000 Palestinians with food for two weeks.

Tesfaye's aid will provide significant support to efforts to deliver aid to "1 million Gazans on the brink of starvation", the statement said.

With this, it was stated that WFP has provided food aid to approximately 764,000 Palestinians so far, and it was reported that aid was increased especially when there was a "humanitarian pause" in the conflict.

Tesfaye was appointed one of WFP's Goodwill Ambassadors in October 2021.

On the other hand, Tunisian actor Hind Sabri announced his resignation as WFP Goodwill Ambassador in protest against the use of "hunger as a weapon of war" against people living in Gaza under Israeli aggression.

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