Zelenskyy receives pledges of support from Italian leaders and the Pope

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Ukrainian President Zelenskyy arrived in Rome, the capital of Italy, to meet with Italian leaders and the Pope. Zelenskyy, who received full support from the Pope and Italian Prime Minister Girogia Meloni in Rome, is expected to make his next stop in Berlin.

Zelenskyy receives pledges of support from Italian leaders and the Pope

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Rome on Saturday for a meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican. Zelenskyy obtained a promise from Italian leaders for military and other assistance.

According to the Star Tribune, Italian authorities and Pope Francis have said they have launched a behind-the-scenes initiative to end the war in Ukraine.

Zelenskyy, who went to the Italian capital late Saturday, cited his schedule of meetings with Francis, Italian President Sergio Mattarella and Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni in a tweet he shared a short time later. "An important visit for approaching victory of Ukraine!" Zelenskyy tweeted.


When Zelenskyy arrived at the military airport in Rome, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani greeted him. Tajani told newspapers they will continue to support Ukraine "360 degrees" and press for a just peace that preserves Ukraine's independence.

Zelenskyy began his official meetings by calling on Mattarella at the presidential Quirinale Palace.

Mattarella said that Zelenskyy was completely on her side.

Since the war began, Italy has furnished about 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) in military and financial aid, as well as humanitarian assistance.

Zelenskyy visited Meloni at his next stop.

Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni staunchly backs military and other aid for Ukraine, reported npr.


Zelenskyy's next stop is expected to be Berlin, the capital of Germany. It is claimed that preparations for Zelenskyy in Berlin have begun.

Source: npr - Star Tribune

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