Armenian gangs moving to Zangezur Corridor: Intelligence

2023-09-23 10:34:03 | Last Update : 2023-09-26 11:01:39

The Armenian gangs coming out of Karabakh are being dispatched to the Zangezur corridor. According to intelligence reports, the main battle will take place on the Zangilan-Zangezur axis.

Armenian gangs moving to Zangezur Corridor: Intelligence
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The last remnants of the Armenian occupation, which was brought to its knees in a 23-hour operation in Karabakh, are being cleared. The Azerbaijani administration gave the Armenian wing in Yevlah time to integrate with Baku on issues such as the abolition of the pirate administration, local administration, economy, transfer of all public institutions and organizations, citizenship, currency, the shape of the barracks and police structure.

The Azerbaijani army, on the other hand, started the process of destroying the mined land and gang positions in the countryside in the liberated region. Apart from those involved in the massacre, Armenian gang members and civilians left the region through the unilaterally opened Lachin evacuation corridor.

However, it was determined that some Armenian gangs were dispatched to the Zangezur corridor for new provocations. While it is reported that the Iran-France-Armenian trio has fortified the Zangilan-Gubatli-Kelbajar line and is preparing for a new war, it is stated that the main big war will take place on the Zangilan-Zangezur axis.


The Turkish side is closely monitoring the transfer of Armenian gangs expelled from Karabakh to Zangezur and the mobilization on the Goycha Lake, Kalbajar, Gubatli, and Zangilan line. While new camps are established in the region for the Armenian gangs, the gang members leaving Karabakh are first directed to the centers in Sisyan.

Azerbaijan is then deployed on the contact lines surrounding Zangezur. Colonel Jalil Khalilov, a veteran of the First Karabakh War, stated that the Azerbaijani wing is aware of what is happening in the whole region as the army and intelligence and has taken the necessary measures. Explaining that the Armenians are preparing for a new provocation, Halilov said that this provocation will be costly.

"On November 10, the Armenians pledged both to withdraw all armed forces from Karabakh and to open Zangezur. He signed the official agreement. The Karabakh distraction ended with the September 19 operation. Now it is Zangezur's turn. From now on, the main struggle will be in Zangezur and that corridor will be opened in any case," Khalilov said.


Khalilov shared information that civilians leaving Karabakh are not trying to go to Yerevan but to Europe, Belarus, and Russia.

“In Karabakh, a return to the pre-1990 period is not far away. The transition of the gangs to the Sisyan-Kelbajar-Goycha-Zangezur line also favors the Armenian government. At the same time, it places a significant part of the army at those points,” Khalilov said.


According to the latest information from the Russian news agency, the Karabakh separatists handed over 6 armored vehicles and more than 800 firearms.


Following the anti-terrorist operation launched by the Azerbaijani army in Karabakh, the protests that started in Armenia for the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian continue.

Opponents of Pashinian marched in the capital Yerevan and gathered in front of the parliament building. The demonstrators shouting slogans against Pashinian confronted the police. While some demonstrators were detained in the brawl, opposition leaders announced that they would continue their protests until Pashinian's resignation.

Armenians demanding intervention in Karabakh accuse Prime Minister Pashinian of treason.

Source: Newsroom

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