Türkiye has chosen hypocritical policy in Karabakh: Greek press

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Türkiye's support for Azerbaijan's ending the 30-year Armenian occupation in Karabakh is causing provocative news in Greece. Kathimerini newspaper compared Armenia's occupation of Karabakh to Türkiye's presence in Cyprus and accused Türkiye of implementing a hypocritical policy.

Türkiye has chosen hypocritical policy in Karabakh: Greek press

The recent meetings between the high-level executives of Türkiye and Greece boosted ties. A new era in relations was opened when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan received Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in the United States, where he was in the United States for the United Nations General Assembly.


The two countries, which have serious problems due to the continental shelf in the Aegean and natural gas exploration activities in the Eastern Mediterranean, determined a road map to solve the problems after the meeting in New York. However, the Greek press continued to publish provocative publications despite the mutual steps taken.

Kathimerini, one of the most important newspapers in Greece, reported Türkiye's support for Azerbaijan's ending the 30-year occupation with the anti-terrorist operation in Nagorno-Karabakh and wrote: "Türkiye's hypocrisy: Like Azerbaijan, the Cyprus dilemma should be solved with a one-state solution".

The newspaper stated that Nagorno-Karabakh is under occupation and its status as Azerbaijani territory is recognized by the international community.

"Baku has recently achieved a historic success by dismantling the so-called Artsakh Republic and restoring territorial integrity after three decades of Armenian military occupation,” it said.


The Greek newspaper drew attention to the important role of Türkiye in Azerbaijan's success.

"Obviously, the restoration of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity was guaranteed by such an indispensable ally as Türkiye. The Turkish Armed Forces trained the Azerbaijani army according to NATO doctrine. Turkish-made Bayraktar drones ensured Baku's air superiority over Yerevan, while information provided by Türkiye's National Intelligence Organisation (MIT) reinforced Azerbaijan's operational advantage on the battlefield. Naturally, Ankara was both praised and proud of Azerbaijan's victories in 2020 and 2023," Kathimerini said.

Described Türkiye's support for Azerbaijan's operation that ended 30 years of occupation as "hypocrisy".

"This situation raises some questions: How hypocritical is it for Türkiye to support and celebrate the restoration of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity while it continues its 49-year occupation of the Republic of Cyprus in violation of numerous resolutions of the United Nations Security Council?" Kathiemerini said.

The newspaper went even further and suggested that the European Union should present Cyprus as a precondition for Türkiye's membership.

Source: Newsroom

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