Armenians in Karabakh use mosque as barn: Azerbaijani Ministry

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Azerbaijan ended the 30-year Armenian occupation in Karabakh. Shocking findings are reached in the investigations carried out in the region liberated from occupation. It was revealed that Armenians used a mosque, whose minaret was demolished in 1992, as a barn.

While the Azerbaijani army continued to work in the region after the anti-terrorist operation that ended the 30-year occupation in Karabakh, it was determined that the sacred shrines of Azerbaijani Turks were used as barns.

In the statement made by the Azerbaijan Interior Ministry, it was reported that the mosque in the village of Malibeyli, which came under the control of Azerbaijan after the anti-terrorist operation, was used as a barn.

It was noted that the mosque was burnt down by Armenians in 1992, its minaret was demolished and the remaining part was used as a barn during the occupation.

After the Karabakh War, it was revealed that many mosques in the region were used as stables.


In August, a mass grave of Azerbaijani Turks who were tortured to death was found in Shusha, which was liberated from Armenian occupation with the military operation in 2020. It was reported that the grave, which was stated to belong to the first Karabakh war, belonged to 17 Azerbaijanis who were murdered after being captured.

According to the studies conducted on the human remains found in the mass grave, it was determined that 6 people had nails in the abdomen and were tortured to death with nails. It was also reported that the examination of the findings in the grave in question revealed the presence of bullet marks and blows to various parts of the body with cutting/piercing tools.

It was also stated that the heads of some victims were separated from their bodies and buried in other places.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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