Following his official talks in Greece, Turkey's foreign policy chief proceeded to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) to meet President Dervis Eroglu at the Presidential Palace. Reiterating that Turkey always takes sides with TRNC, Davutoglu expressed his hope for a new future vision to develop so as to bring peace and tranquility both to the Island and to the wider Eastern Mediterranean region, and for the said psychological atmoshere to be agreed by all. "The faith, welfare, stability and tranquility of the Turkish Cypriots are prerequisite for Turkey," said Davutoglu. Turkish foreign minister noted that Turkey and TRNC always show goodwill for a solution based on a two-state and two-community that have equal status, hoping the Greek Cypriot side, especially following the election of Nikos Anastasiadis as its President, and the related developments would add positively to the efforts of the UN within this regard. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus President Dervis Eroglu, on his part, said "No solution has yet been achieved on Cyprus; but we continue to seek an agreement with the best of our goodwill." Davutoglu will also meet his TRNC counterpart Ozdil Nami, TRNC Prime Minister Ozkan Yorgancioglu and Parliament Speaker Sibel Siber.