"Extreme racist" violence at the Kurdish-dominated Amedspor match

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Türkiye's Amedspor football team was attacked before the match. After the violence against the Kurdish-dominated team, 7 people were arrested. Pro-Kurdish supporters said there was "extreme racism" in the match.

"Extreme racist" violence at the Kurdish-dominated Amedspor match

Türkiye's Bursaspor and Amedspor teams faced each other on Sunday. Before the match, violence against Amedspor, which is predominantly Kurdish, took place.

A lot of foreign matter was thrown onto the field and the players. After the discussion on the field, the players were directed to the tunnel.

After the violence, these events were described as "extremely racist".

After the events, it was said that three public officials were dismissed pending the investigation. 7 people were arrested.

It said those prosecutors had launched proceedings against involved in an assault in the changing rooms after the match and those involved in the opening of banners during the match.


The co-leaders of Türkiye's pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) issued a statement on Sunday saying Amedspor were subject to an "organized lynching and fascism" in Bursa.

It said they were targeted by racist chants and fireworks fired outside their hotel the night before the match and continued the next day and into the match itself.

Hostility to Amedspor at the match included racist slogans and the display of photos alluding to the killing of Kurdish public figures in the 1980s and 1990s, the HDP said, calling for the resignation of officials who allowed the incident to happen.


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