Galatasaray broke the record and left the world giants behind

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Defeating Kasımpasa 1-0 in the 25th week of the Super League, Galatasaray won a new record in history by winning 14 games in a row. Okan Buruk's students left behind giants such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Napoli, PSG and Arsenal with his performance.

Galatasaray broke the record and left the world giants behind

Among the European leagues, the performance of Galatasaray continues to draw attention. Finally, the Yellow-Reds, who defeated Kasımpasa 1-0 in their field, extended their winning streak to 14 games. Okan Buruk, who put his signature under a one-of-a-kind performance, went down in history by breaking records. Galatasaray, which is 9 points more than 1 game more than its closest follower Fenerbahçe, has a great advantage on the way to the championship.


Galatasaray, which surpassed Beşiktas's 13-game winning streak in the 1959-1960 season, continues to make a difference not only in Türkiye but also in Europe. Breaking the record among the major leagues of Europe, including Spain, Italy, England, France and Germany, Galatasaray won 14 consecutive matches and took the top spot. The historical record of the yellow-red people came to the fore in this field.



Dursun Özbek, who won the elections in Galatasaray at the beginning of the season and became the president, parted ways with Domenec Torrent and gave Okan Buruk a chance. The 49-year-old coach, who previously made Basaksehir champion in the 2019-2020 Super League season, returned as a coach to the yellow-red team, which he was a legend during his football career.

Okan Buruk, who had a historic performance in his first season, had a great impact by beating Fenerbahçe 3-0 and Başakşehir 7-0 away. Buruk and his students, who had a great impact by winning 14 league games in a row, became the owner of the new record.

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