Türkiye’s Galatasaray to face Norway's Molde in UEFA

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Galatasaray, the representative of Türkiye in the UEFA Champions League play-off round, will face Norwegian representative Molde and will qualify for the groups if it eliminates its opponent. Galatasaray will receive at least 26 million euros.

Türkiye’s Galatasaray to face Norway's Molde in UEFA

Turkish representative Galatasaray will face Norwegian team Molde in the UEFA Champions League play-off round match. The match will be played tonight at Rams Park at 10 p.m. Turkish time.

Galatasaray won the first match 3-2 away from home. Turkish team will qualify for the Champions League group stage if it wins the tie.

Galatasaray won 110 of 307 matches in European cups. Galatasaray were defeated in 115 matches, while 82 matches ended in a draw. Although Galatasaray scored a total of 411 goals against their opponents in the European arena, they could not prevent 452 goals.


Galatasaray: Muslera, Boey, Abdulkerim, Nelsson, Angelino, Torreira, Sergio Oliveira, Kerem, Mertens, Tete, Icardi

Molde: Karlstrom, Bjornbak, Ellingsen, Haugan, Eriksen, Breivik, Haggenheim, Haugen, Knudtzon, Eikrem, Brynhildsen

Source: turkiyegazetesi.com.tr

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