Snowmobile enthusiasts gather at Erciyes for Snowcross World Championship Event

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Türkiye successfully hosted the Istikbal SNX Türkiye stage of the inaugural Snowcross World Championship at Erciyes

Snowmobile enthusiasts gather at Erciyes for Snowcross World Championship Event

The first Snowcross World Championship's Istikbal SNX Türkiye stage, held under the Presidency's auspices on March 8-10, concluded successfully.

The event, organized in partnership with the Turkish Motorcycle Federation (TMF), Kayseri Governorship, and Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, took place on a specially prepared 870-meter-long track in Tekir Kapi.

Athletes from Türkiye, Norway, Sweden, France, and Italy participated in the competition.

In the two-round race, Norwegian Magnus Reiten came first, American Jesse Kirchmeyer came second, and Austrian Elias Bacher came third.

The winning athletes were rewarded at a ceremony organized by Kayseri Governor Gokmen Cicek.

This event highlighted Türkiye's hosting capacity and organizational skills in international sports events.

The selection of Kayseri for this event demonstrated the city's potential to host sports tourism and international events.

Türkiye's growing stature and untapped potential in the sports industry were underscored once more by the stellar performances of its athletes and the success of the sporting

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