Russian, Belarusian athletes excluded from Paris Olympics opening ceremony

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Russian and Belarusian athletes were barred from attending the Paris Olympics opening ceremony amid ongoing tensions

Russian, Belarusian athletes excluded from Paris Olympics opening ceremony

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Tuesday announced that Russian and Belarusian athletes competing in the 2024 Olympics in Paris will not be able to attend the opening ceremony.

Athletes from both countries were banned after Russia's war on Ukraine in February 2022.

Those who qualify for the Games, however, can compete as neutrals.

Individual Neutral Athletes (AINs) from either country "will not participate in the parade of delegations and teams during the opening ceremony since they are individual athletes," the IOC said in a statement. "But they will be provided with an opportunity to experience the event.”

No flag, anthem, colors, or other identifications of Russia or Belarus will be displayed at the Games.

A specific AIN flag will be flown during the ceremonies, and the AIN anthem will be played.

Additionally, no Russian or Belarusian government or state officials will be invited to or accredited for the Games.

The statement said 12 AINs with Russian passports and seven AINs with Belarusian passports have qualified for Paris 2024.

It added, “The experts currently project that, under the most likely scenario, 36 AINs with a Russian passport and 22 AINs with a Belarusian passport will qualify for the Olympic Games Paris 2024.”​​​​​​​

Source: AA

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