Yoluc, Eastwood to pilot Racing Team Türkiye's #51 Car

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Salih Yoluc and Carlie Eastwood will drive the #51 car for Racing Team Türkiye

Yoluc, Eastwood to pilot Racing Team Türkiye's #51 Car

The anticipation builds as Ferrari unveils the captivating design of the new Ferrari 296 GT3, slated to compete in the GT World Challenge Europe Sprint Cup during the 2024 season. 

Representing Racing Team Türkiye, Salih Yoluc and Carlie Eastwood will pilot the #51 car across five double-header weekends. 

Prepared by AF Corse, the team aims to make a mark on the racing circuit with their formidable combination of skill and speed.

The Ferrari 296 GT3's sleek and aerodynamic exterior reflects the cutting-edge technology and engineering prowess synonymous with the Italian automaker. 

With its distinctive Ferrari red hue and dynamic lines, the car exudes speed and performance even at a standstill. 

Racing enthusiasts and Ferrari aficionados eagerly await its debut on the track, where it is expected to leave a lasting impression.

Yoluc, a seasoned racer known for his talent behind the wheel, brings years of experience to Racing Team Türkiye. 

Teaming up with Eastwood, a rising star in the world of motorsport, they form a formidable duo ready to take on the competition. 

Their partnership promises thrilling races and fierce competition as they navigate the twists and turns of each circuit in pursuit of victory.

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