Fatih Terim to leave Panathinaikos for Turkish Football Federation presidency: Reports

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Greek media buzz with rumors that Fatih Terim, leading Panathinaikos in a successful football season, might make a major career shift to the Turkish Football Federation's top position

Fatih Terim to leave Panathinaikos for Turkish Football Federation presidency: Reports

Recent reports in Greek media have brought to light a potential new chapter in Fatih Terim's illustrious football career.

Known as 'The Emperor,' Terim, currently the manager of Greek Super League team Panathinaikos, has reportedly received an offer to become the president of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF).

Terim's tenure at Panathinaikos has been marked by success, with the team under his guidance playing 18 matches this season, securing 10 victories, 6 draws, and suffering just 2 losses.

His leadership has not only led to on-field success but also frequent headlines in the Greek press.

Greek news source Pao Pantou reported that after his contract with Panathinaikos ends, Terim faces pressure to accept the role of TFF president.

However, Terim has not yet made a public statement confirming or denying these claims.

Despite the allure of the TFF presidency, Terim seems focused on his current role in Greece.

He aims to lead Panathinaikos to championship glory, indicating his contentment with his position in Greece and his dedication to his team's success.

The final decision on whether he will take up the TFF role remains pending, likely to be announced at the season's end.

Fatih Terim is revered in Turkish football, especially for his achievements with Galatasaray.

His potential move to the TFF presidency could significantly influence Turkish football, bringing his expertise and experience to the sport's administration.

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