Turkish coach praises Inter Milan midfielder as "extraordinary"

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Turkish coach commends Inter Milan midfielder, labeling him "extraordinary" and expressing confusion over criticism directed at him

Turkish coach praises Inter Milan midfielder as "extraordinary"

Türkiye's national team coach has praised Inter Milan midfielder Hakan Calhanoglu, hailing him as an "extraordinary" player whose contributions are invaluable.

Speaking to reporters following Türkiye's friendly against Hungary, Vincenzo Montella expressed bewilderment at criticisms of Calhanoglu's performances, emphasizing his pivotal role at club and international levels.

Calhanoglu, a cornerstone of Inter's midfield, is revered for his ability to dictate play, whether in possession or out of it, setting the tempo for the team's performance.

Similarly, Türkiye holds a prominent position, having assumed the captaincy after Burak Yilmaz retired from international duty.

Beyond wearing the armband, Calhanoglu stands out as a linchpin in Türkiye's lineup, demonstrating versatility on the field.

While his role for Inter often involves operating as a deep-lying midfielder, his duties for the national team vary, showcasing his adaptability and tactical acumen.

Montella praised Calhanoglu's maturity and game management skills. He expressed disbelief at any criticism directed at the midfielder and lauded him as an "extraordinary player."

Such acclaim underscores Calhanoglu's significant impact on the pitch, regardless of his positional deployment, cementing his status as a vital asset for both club and country.

The coach's sentiments reflect a broader appreciation for Calhanoglu's talent within the footballing community, highlighting his prowess and influence as a player of exceptional caliber.

As Türkiye prepares for future fixtures, Calhanoglu's presence remains integral to their aspirations, and his leadership and performance are critical to their success.

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