Greek media criticizes Panathinaikos coach Fatih Terim after PAOK defeat

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Following a 3-2 loss against PAOK in the Greek Super League, Panathinaikos coach Fatih Terim faces sharp criticism for his comments on refereeing and the team's tactical approach

Greek media criticizes Panathinaikos coach Fatih Terim after PAOK defeat

The aftermath of the high-profile Greek Super League match between Panathinaikos and PAOK, which ended in a 3-2 defeat for Panathinaikos, has seen the team's coach, Fatih Terim, coming under intense scrutiny.

The Turkish coach's response to the match's officiating has sparked a wave of criticism from the Greek media.

Terim, known for his extensive coaching experience, openly criticized the match's refereeing, particularly focusing on the management of stoppage time.

He was quoted as saying, "I usually do not talk about referees, but the Greek League does not deserve such low-quality officiating. The decision to only add four minutes is shameful." Danish official Mikkel Redder's strong stance on refereeing has become a focal point of debate.

Several Greek media outlets, such as Sportime, have questioned the appropriateness of Terim's remarks and his tactical decisions during the crucial playoff match.

A report highlighted his strategy of playing with two forwards and two attacking midfielders as a contentious choice, especially against a team like PAOK, known for its counterattacking strength. The same report called Terim's comments on the refereeing "exaggerated" and his game strategies difficult to justify in football terms.

The fallout from the PAOK match and subsequent media criticism casts doubt over Terim's future at Panathinaikos. Despite his notable career achievements, his position at the club appears increasingly precarious. Upcoming matches against AEK and Aris are seen as critical, potentially determining his tenure with the team.

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