The European Union's statistical office announced Wednesday the eurozone retail trade volume saw a monthly decline in August.

"In August 2018 compared with July 2018, the seasonally adjusted volume of retail trade decreased by 0.2 percent in the euro area [EA19] and remained unchanged in the EU28," Eurostat said.

The eurozone/euro area or EA19 represents member states that use the single currency -- euro -- while the EU28 includes all member countries of the bloc.

Official figures showed the volume of retail trade in the euro area fell by 0.6 percent for automotive fuel and by 0.3 percent for food, drinks and tobacco, while non-food products remained stable in the same period.

"In the EU28, the retail trade volume increased by 0.5 percent for non-food products, while automotive fuels fell by 0.9 percent and food, drinks and tobacco by 0.3 percent," the statistical office said.

Eurostat noted that the largest decreases in the total retail trade volume were registered in Latvia -- down 1.2 percent --, followed by Poland and France as the volume went down 0.7 percent in both countries.

"The highest increases were observed in Sweden [up 1.2 percent], Portugal [up 1.1 percent], as well as Ireland, Hungary and Slovenia [all up one percent]," it said.