UFO statement from the White House: No indication of aliens

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The White House made a statement regarding unidentified objects in US airspace. The statement said, "There is no evidence of extraterrestrial objects." The US army dropped an unidentified flying object yesterday and 4 unidentified flying objects in the last 8 days.

UFO statement from the White House: No indication of aliens

In the US, unidentified flying object (UFO) panic continues. An official statement came from the USA, which dropped 4 unidentified objects in 8 days. White House Spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre and National Security Council Spokesperson John Kirby stated that they assured that there was no sign of an object coming to Earth from other planets at the meeting held at the White House. "There is no evidence of aliens or extraterrestrial activity in the recent shooting down of UFOs over North America. I know there are questions and concerns about that, but there are no indications of aliens," said Jean-Pierre.


"When President Biden took office, he instructed the US intelligence community to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the capabilities of Chinese intelligence, to detect and protect against them," Kirby said in a statement. "Due to the sensitivity of what we do, we won't be able to go into details, but we've identified that China has a high-altitude spy balloon program to gather intelligence associated with its military operating during the previous administration. We're looking into this carefully to learn as much as we can."


Saying that it is important to distinguish between the downing of the spy balloon allegedly used by China and the 3 objects dropped this weekend, Kirby said that President Biden gave the US intelligence a broad observation order against the phenomenon of unidentified air objects. "The intelligence community will explore this issue in partnership with academic institutions and the private sector. These unidentified weather events have been reported for years without explanation or in-depth review by the government. President Biden has changed all that. We are now trying to better understand them," Kirby said.


Saying that the object, which was dropped on Lake Huron on the border of the USA and Canada on Sunday, was in deep waters, Kirby stated that the investigations were very difficult due to the harsh winter conditions in Alaska and Northern Canada. Kirby said, "Now, in light of the Chinese spy balloon program in this latest attack on our airspace, the United States and Canada are examining this airspace more closely. However, we have not yet conclusively assessed what these end objects are. We acted very cautiously."

Saying that the UFOs were dropped on the grounds that the heights they were found pose a potential risk to civilian air traffic, Kirby stated that President Biden personally met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the subject, and said, "However, we do not think that these objects pose any direct threat to people."

"We remain focused on confirming their nature and purpose through vigorous efforts, including efforts to wreck debris from their fallen positions. We will continue to keep members of Congress and relevant state leaders informed of what we are doing and learning," Kirby said.

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