Israel demolished the building where the Palestinian lived on

2023-05-17 15:16:06 | Last Update : 2023-05-17 15:21:33

The occupying Israeli forces destroyed the building in which 50 Palestinians live in occupied East Jerusalem, on the grounds that it was "unlicensed". The Israeli army did not even allow Palestinians to take their belongings from the house when they carried out the demolition.

Israel demolished the building where the Palestinian lived on
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Israeli forces, who came to the Silvan town of Jerusalem, destroyed the 7-flat apartment with bulldozers. Speaking to Anadolu Agency, one of the residents of the apartment, Ummu Adem al-Huseyni, said that Israel demolished part of the apartment in 2009, this time the entire building.

Huseyni explained that his married sons live in 6 flats in the apartment and 50 people live in the building. he said. Huseyni, who stated that he had many memories in the building, stated that they could not remove the furniture from the houses in the destroyed building without warning.


There was no statement from the Israeli municipality regarding the demolition. Israel frequently demolishes Palestinian homes and structures in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, which it occupied in 1967, on the grounds that they are "unlicensed". Palestinian efforts to obtain licenses often fail due to the prohibitive practices of Israeli authorities.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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