Police clashes with Muslims against the demolition of a mosque in China

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Hundreds of police were deployed in the town after China tried to demolish a mosque. There was a brawl between dozens of police and Muslims. The Muslims involved said they would 'absolutely not allow' the demolition.

Hundreds of police were deployed to a predominantly Muslim southwestern town and arrests were made in the clashes over China's demolition of a mosque, witnesses said.

Videos circulating on social media and witnesses said dozens of police with batons on Saturday tried to push back a crowd of people throwing objects at them outside the mosque.


"They want to proceed with forced demolitions, so the people here went to stop them," a local woman who also asked not to be identified told AFP news agency.

"The mosque is home for Muslims like us," she said. "If they try to knock it down, we certainly won't let them."


China recently tried to raze four minarets and the dome of a mosque in Yunnan province, home to the majority Muslim Hui group, TRT World reported.

According to two witnesses, several arrests have been made in connection with the incident and about a hundred police were deployed at the scene on Monday.

People in areas around the mosque had struggled intermittently with internet outages and other connectivity issues since the clashes, they added. An investigation has been launched into the case.

The state issued a statement ordering those involved to "immediately stop all illegal and criminal acts", vowing to "severely punish" anyone who refuses to turn themselves in.

Those who voluntarily surrender before June 6 will be treated with leniency, the notice added.


China has stepped up its crackdown on Muslims since Shakhn Ci Jinnping came to power. It has launched religious checks and raids, claiming that Muslims are making efforts to combat terrorism and extremism.

According to China's 2020 census, there are an estimated 11.4 million Hui ethnic minorities in China and majority of them are Muslims. They are the four largest ethnic block in China next to the Han Chinese at over 1.3 billion, the Zhuang at around 20 million and the Uighurs at around 12 million.

In 2017, the US and human rights groups called the killing of an estimated one million Muslims in China's Sichuan Uyghur autonomous region "genocide".

David Stroup, a Hui expert at the University of Machester in the UK, said that mosques had been demolished or "coercively renovated" to conform to official concepts of Chinese aesthetics.

Source: TRT World

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