UNICEF provides pandemic support to Nigeria

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UNICEF came to the aid of Nigeria, which is trying to cope with the second wave of the diphtheria epidemic. It was announced that 4 million doses of vaccine will be sent to Nigeria, where the loss of life due to the epidemic is increasing.

UNICEF provides pandemic support to Nigeria

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has reportedly sent 9.3 million doses of vaccine to Nigeria, where the diphtheria epidemic has increased, to combat the disease.

UNICEF Nigeria Communications Officer Nchekwube Nwosu-Igbo stated in a statement that UNICEF sent 9.3 million doses of diphtheria vaccine to the states where the disease is widespread in the country.


Nwosu-Igbo reported that 4 million doses of diphtheria vaccine have been shipped to Kano state, the epicenter of the outbreak and that the vaccines will provide support to the Nigerian government's fight against the epidemic.


Explaining that UNICEF will give 4 million doses of vaccine to the government in the coming weeks, Nwosu-Igbo called for support so that every child in Nigeria can be vaccinated.

Since December 2022, 7 thousand 202 cases of diphtheria have been detected in Nigeria and 453 people have died so far.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed that Nigeria was experiencing a second wave of epidemics in the country due to increasing cases of diphtheria.

Diphtheria, also known as croup, occurs when the microorganism "corynebacterium diphtheria" settles in the throat, nose, eyes, and skin. The contagious disease can lead to death.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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