Gang wars out of control in Sweden: Local sources

2023-09-29 11:53:37 | Last Update : 2023-09-29 12:03:16

Gang wars cannot be controlled in Sweden, one of the most prosperous countries of the world. While it is reported that 3 people lost their lives as a result of bomb and armed attacks between gangs in the country, it is stated that the army can go down to the streets. Main opposition leader Andersson reacted by stating that Sweden should not be like this.

Gang wars out of control in Sweden: Local sources

Violent clashes between armed gangs in Sweden have been continuing in recent years. While three people lost their lives in armed and bomb attacks in different parts of the Scandinavian country, the authorities state that there is an unprecedented wave of violence in the country.

In the attacks that mobilized security and political circles in Sweden, an 18-year-old person was shot and killed in a suburb in the capital Stockholm on Wednesday night. Hours after the incident, one person was killed and one person was wounded in an armed attack in Jordbro, south of the capital.


On Thursday, a woman in her 20s was killed in an explosion in Uppsala, west of the capital.

"It is an extremely tragic development. I understand that people feel anger, fear, and sadness," Swedish Justice Minister Gunnar Strommer said on state television.

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said that he will hold a meeting with the heads of the army and police forces in order to prevent the violence and attacks caused by armed criminal gangs in which 11 people lost their lives in September.Kristersson stated that he would discuss with the Chief of General Staff and the Chief of Police how the military units can help the fight against armed gangs.


"Sweden has never seen anything like this before," he said, adding, "No country in Europe has ever experienced anything like this, we will defeat the gangs," Kristersson said.

It is stated that the recent gang-related attacks in Sweden are caused by a dispute between two groups. It is stated that two gangs, one led by a Swedish-Turkish (dual) citizen living in Türkiye and the other by his former deputy, are fighting for drugs and weapons.

Public broadcaster SVT announced that 11 people lost their lives in the country in September due to fatal shootings. SVT shared the information that September 2023 was recorded as the "deadliest period" in terms of armed attacks since the police started keeping statistics in 2016.


The center-right government is increasing penalties for gang-related offenses. Justice Minister Strommer said in a statement that when the new laws come into force, the penalty for unauthorized possession of explosives will be increased from three to five years.

The leader of the main opposition Social Democratic Party, Magdalena Andersson, suggested to Swedish radio that the army could take over some transport and protection duties and help the police to focus more on these issues.


Sweden's police chief has said that warring gangs have "brought an unprecedented wave of violence" to the country. The police estimate that around 30 thousand people in Sweden are directly involved in or linked to gang offenses.

Violence continues to spread from large urban areas to small towns.

Source: Newsroom

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