Hezbollah is not leaving Syria

2013-11-15 04:34:00

Hezbollah, the Lebanese organization who has been supporting Syrian regime in its fight against opposition forces declared they won't leave the country.

Hezbollah is not leaving Syria
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"We are in Syria to protect Syria who are the supporters of Hezbollah, Palestine and Lebanon", said Hassan Nasrallah, the General Secretary of Hezbollah on the ashura day ceremonies held in Beirut. "As long as the situation necessitates, we will remain in Syria. Those who want us to depart from Syria to form a government in Lebanon are trying to impose the disputed situation", said Nasrallah. He added that stipulating for forming a government is unrealistic while the strategic dangers have threatened the countries and people in the region. Stating the impossibility for disarmament as long as the "enemies continue to threaten them", Nasrallah asserted dialogue, practical solution and cooperation are needed to solve the disputes in the Arab countries. Claiming that the biggest threat to Muslims and Christians living in Lebanon is the extremist groups, Nasrallah mentioned the cooperation between the parties will eliminate the whole threats. While the negotiations continue for solving the government crisis in Lebanon which is in its 8th month, Future Movement led by the former Prime Minister of Lebanon Saad-eddine Rafiq Al-Hariri demands Hezbollah to withdraw its armed forces from Syria for taking part in the government. 

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