Did anyone speak about what happened if you have not been 'Russian'?

2016-01-20 12:05:50

“May 21” can be only a day for many people but there it has a part in history. Did you ever hear about “Circassians”? I am not sure.

Did anyone speak about what happened if you have not been 'Russian'?

This word is not in Mr. Putin’s dictionary but there it has hundreds of thousands of people who have suffered slain by Russian Empire, they were who call as “Circassian”. Near Circassians, also “Abkhazians”, “Tatars” and “Meskhetian Turks” were there. Of course not only those people, there have also been different nations, too who have lived under “Soviet” cruelty.

“Circassia” or “Adygea”, there is Circassians homeland on Black Sea’s North-East in Caucasia. Russian Empire’s destructive force was besieged to Circassians. They were one of a nation who are not give up from their honor and didn’t genuflect in front of Russians. So, came to 1860’s and Russian forces started an ethnic cleansing in Adygea, not only for Circassians, Abkhazians also suffered on this region. History’s most big massacres found that peoples with big a savagery. Cruelty didn’t end for who has survived from massacres, hundreds of thousands of people were exiled from their homelands and more than half million people were killed by Russian Empire during this period.

Georgian origin historian Simon Janashia is saying about Circassian Genocide: “For seven years human bones were spread over the seashore. Ravens were making nests from men’s beard and women’s hair, for seven years the Sea was drifting to the shore the human skulls as a watermelon. I do not wish the enemy to see what I have seen.”

Soviets continued what couldn’t be finished by Russian Empire and 1940’s opened a new page about cruelty in Russian history. Russian expansionism was grown with blood in Caucasia and Central Asian nations were besieged by Soviets. History saw one of the wildest leader in the world, that was called “Josef Stalin”. Who didn’t get genuflect, they were slained one by one; Tatars, Chechens, Kazakhs, Meskhetian Turks and more… Someone can say, “Stalin was a hero” or they can talk about “how beautiful communism is ” but this will not change anything, exile continued for years under massacres’ shadow and anyone didn’t talk about this. Why?

– Ukraine and Georgia under occupation

Of course there didn’t finish anything, Russian traditions and cruelty still continue today around the world. We have watched how Russia occupied Georgia’s soils “Abkhazia” and “South Ossetia”. We saw how they have occupied Ukraine’s “Crimea” and a new page opened for “Crimean Tatars”. New eras old Russians, exile Tatars one more time in the “modern” Russia. People are dying on the streets in “Donetsk” and “Luhanks” under Russian tanks. Maybe some people can say to me “but West”? I will not protect European Union and United States here, they are not “clean spoons which have quit from milk”. We have occupations in Caucasia and Eastern Europe and we are only watching how “innocent” nations are being exiled from their homes.

Eastern European countries’ people are uneasy since months because of threats. Who cares about United State’s “shows” with tanks on Russian borders? What can make United States or European Union for that countries if Russia makes a move? Everyone knows that anyone will not stop Russia on situations like this and we will see more Ukraine, more Georgia with “separatist Russian” in those countries. Except Eastern Europe and Caucasia, if we must look to Middle East, who will pay the price for half million dead “Syrian”? What can be all of this named except “fascism”?

– Who is talking about occupation in Azerbaijan?

I didn’t hear anything about Azerbaijanians except “curses” from Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan. Also, who are talking about “human rights” around the world, why are they afraid to talk about Karabakh? Whoever puts blames to Turkey with “genocides”, why are they ignoring how this so-called president entered Khojaly with his soldiers in February 25, 1992? We didn’t forget, how this terrorists made “ethnic cleansing” in Azerbaijani villages in Karabakh.

Near that if I must go more back, did anyone pay price for “Black January“? It’s a massacre which happened on the Baku streets in January 20, 1990. “Nobel Peace Prize” winner “Mikhail Gorbachev’s” tanks were there and killed more than 130 Azerbaijanian. So, Russian “tradition” continued and Armenia learned many things from them.

* This part taken from Ismail Okan's "What are you seeing in this picture?" article

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