Türkiye takes lead in developed countries: The Economist

2023-09-21 15:25:44 | Last Update : 2023-09-21 16:05:27

London-based 'The Economist' praised the Turkish defense industry in its article titled 'Meet the world's new arms manufacturers'. The Economist said of the Turkish defense industry: 'Türkiye ranks first among emerging arms exporters and getting closer to autonomy in arms production."

Türkiye takes lead in developed countries: The Economist
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London-based The Economist journal devoted a wide coverage to Türkiye's breakthroughs in the defense industry in the analysis of the journal.

"Türkiye is making defence exports a challenge to the developed countries that sell arms," The Economist said in its article.

"They are taking advantage of the opportunities created by the changing geopolitics. With their competitive structures, they can sell weapons at cheaper prices," it added.


According to the Stockholm International Peace and Research Institute's (SIPRI) report, Türkiye's arms exports increased by 69 percent in 2018-2022 compared to the previous five-year period and its share in the global arms market doubled.

The analysis also pointed out that Türkiye's arms export target for 2023 is 6 billion dollars.

"Türkiye's exports of defense products are outstripping those of developed countries that are arms dealers," the analysis said.

Arms agreements with Gulf countries, the success of domestically produced Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) and Türkiye's modernized submarines are described in detail in this article. It was emphasized that new arms manufacturers are promising.

Source: TRT 

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