Baykar's UAV successfully tests Roketsan-developed Cakir cruise missile

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Baykar's UAV successfully tests the Turkish-made Cakir cruise missile, designed for versatile deployment from land, sea and air platforms with precision striking capabilities

Baykar's UAV successfully tests Roketsan-developed Cakir cruise missile

Istanbul-based drone manufacturer Baykar announced Friday the successful testing of a Turkish-made Cakir cruise missile by one of its unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Selcuk Bayraktar, Baykar's chief technology officer, stated on X that the missile, launched from an Akinci UAV, accurately hit its intended target.

The Cakir missile, developed by Turkish missile producer Roketsan and unveiled in 2022, can be deployed from land, sea and air platforms.

Featuring a range exceeding 150 kilometers (93 miles), the missile is designed for use with fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, combat drones, tactical ground vehicles and naval vessels.

In addition to targeting land, air and maritime objectives, it also can engage targets within cave structures.

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