Terrorists belonging to Armenian gangs being trained in Zangezur

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In addition to the Armenian gang members expelled from Karabakh, hundreds of terrorists from different countries, including Lebanon, Syria, Iran, the United States (US) and France, were brought to Zangezur.

Terrorists belonging to Armenian gangs being trained in Zangezur

After the end of the occupation in Karabakh, the new point of tension was Zangezur. In addition to the Armenian gang members expelled from Karabakh, hundreds of terrorists from different countries, including Lebanon, Syria, Iran, the United States (US), and France, declared war on Azerbaijan with the training videos they filmed in Zangezur.

It was determined that 17 new terrorist camps were built across the region. In these camps, it was seen that in addition to male and female terrorists, children aged between 10 and 17 were also trained. It was determined that 28 special experts from Iran, as well as British, Serbian, Russian, French, French, Danish, and American retired soldiers, came to Zangezur for training activities. On the other hand, the countries that have turned the region into a terrorist base are preparing to open consulates in Gafan.

Armenian gangs, using the same tactics as the terrorist organization PKK, published a video of young children receiving terror training in the camp.


The victory in Karabakh has mobilized the Armenian diaspora in Europe and the United States (US), as well as the administrations in France and Iran. Parallel to the information that terrorists are being transported to Zangezur, which was announced days ago, the diaspora and Armenian-supporting forces, which have increased their field activity, are establishing new camps for Armenian gangs fleeing Karabakh, while on the other hand, with the support of intelligence services, they are transferring terrorists from different countries to the region.

Security Expert Azer Bayramov shared the information that the Zengilan, Gafan, Corus, Jermuh, and Megri regions of Zangezur were chosen as new camps and sabotage areas. Armenian model Armine Harutyunyan is among the terrorists who came to the region with the Syrian-like International Battalion. Bayramov said that the training strategy started with guerrilla warfare tactics, and then was determined on the basis of specialization in areas such as bomb production, sabotage, electronics, anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles.

In addition to the Voma terrorist organization, in which Armine Harutyunyan, who made a name for herself in the international media, participated, Vova, Yerkrapa and ASALA terrorists nested in the Zangezur region. Security expert Bayramov, a former commander of the Azerbaijani Army, said that these terrorists, in addition to harassing the border security teams of the Azerbaijani army, also aim to infiltrate Karabakh and Azerbaijani cities for mass murder and have special sabotage training in this direction.

Bayramov also reminded that the Western Azerbaijan-Zangezur line, which was originally a Turkish land and turned into a completely Armenian occupation area with the expulsion of 1 million Turks between 1988-1993, was given to Armenia in 1921 by the Bolshevik Russian occupiers. Zengilan, Gafan, Corus, Jermuh, Megri, Zengilan, Gafan, Corus, Jermuh, Megri, which are connected to Zangezur, which have been extraordinarily mobilized with the complete liberation of Karabakh, were the regions chosen by the terrorist organization and its supporters close to the contact lines.


Rauf Arifoglu, the President of Azerbaijan Musavat Media Group, stated that France and Iran provide multi-dimensional support to terrorist organizations nesting in Zangezur.

“For the Azerbaijani state and people, as well as Turkey, the liberation of Karabakh marked the beginning of a new era. From now on, the Armenian communists and terrorist apparatuses will spew hatred by unleashing violence and terror. We will face new ASALA-like structures and many assassination and sabotage attempts, especially outside our homeland,” Arifoglu said.

“For this reason, as a state and nation, we must be on high alert. They will try every possible way to bloody our streets. At this point, Iran's role is more important than Western countries. The Tehran administration is spearheading the terrorist transfer to the region from countries such as Syria, Iran and Lebanon,” he added.

Arifoglu also said that Iran has evil intentions over Karabakh and Azerbaijan.

"On September 12-13 last year, Iranian Revolutionary Guards martyred 80 of our soldiers on the Zangezur line, wearing Armenian military uniforms. Moreover, former Armenian President Sargsyan admitted that their arsenals were filled with Iranian aid. Encouraged by the Western countries and Iran, these terrorists will attack our security forces with harassment and infiltration along the border and organize provocative attacks on shopping malls, airports, hospitals, marketplaces and mosques,” he highlighted.


On September 19, Azerbaijan announced the launch of a counter-terrorism operation following the actions of Armenian separatists in Karabakh. After 24 hours of operation, Armenian separatists reported that they laid down arms. With the disarmament of the separatists, the Azerbaijani flag was re-erected in many settlements occupied since 1994.

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