EU president addresses questions on mediation at EPC summit in Spain's Granada

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European Union (EU) Council President Charles Michel was unable to answer an Azerbaijani journalist's question. Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, answered a question and left the venue.

EU president addresses questions on mediation at EPC summit in Spain's Granada

President of the Council of theEuropean Union Charles Michel answered journalists' questions in Granada, Spain, where the European Political Community (EPC) summit was held. 

"Why did the EU keep silent for 30 years about 1 million Azerbaijanis who had to migrate from Karabakh and Armenia, and why is it now speaking on behalf of Armenia? Do you think that the EU can be a neutral mediator from now on?" Fikret Doluhanov, News Director of Azerbaijan-based ITV television, asked Michel.

"The EU is a neutral mediator. Because we do not have a hidden agenda. Our agenda is clear. These are prosperity, stability, security, and predictability in the region. Since we started mediation 3 years ago, we have made a lot of progress in this regard. We have achieved some concrete results, such as prisoner swaps, exchanges of mine maps, joint commissions for demarcation," he emphasized.

Michel said that the EU was very sincere and honest and added, "We also understand that more diplomatic efforts are needed," Leaving Doluhanov's first question unanswered, Michel noted.

B Security Policy Representative Josep Borrel answered Doluhanov's question "Europe is fighting separatism in Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova. But why doesn't it fight it in Azerbaijan?"

He briefly answered the question "We do" from a distance and quickly left the area.


European Council President Charles Michel, French leader Emmanuel Macron, and German chancellor Olaf Scholz met with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian in Spain’s Granada beside of European Political Community Summit (EPC).

European leaders issued a statement after the meeting and called on Armenia and Azerbaijan to release all detainees and facilitate demining. In the published document, the European leaders "called on Armenia and Azerbaijan to release all detainees, to cooperate to clarify the fate of missing persons and to cooperate on demining".

Previously, Azerbaijan decided not to take part in the talks at the EPC because of the refusal to accept the condition that Türkiye should also participate. Azerbaijani officials underlined that Azerbaijan will not take part in any format in which France participates.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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