President Erdogan vows unwavering support for Gaza amidst challenges

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Turkiye will continue supporting Gaza despite all challenges and will bring attention to the struggles of the oppressed people there on the international stage, President Erdogan says

President Erdogan vows unwavering support for Gaza amidst challenges

Turkiye will continue supporting Gaza despite all challenges and will bring attention to the struggles of the oppressed people there on the international stage, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said during a press meeting upon his return from Germany on Saturday.

"Turkiye will persist in sustaining Gaza despite obstacles. The entire world, especially Islamic nations, should unite for this assistance. They attempt to subject Gaza to hunger and thirst, hindering aid passage intermittently. Nevertheless, we persevere, collaborating with international aid organizations and the United Nations, delivering aid, albeit not as much as we'd like," Erdogan stated.


Erdogan said that more than a thousand lawyers had applied to the International Criminal Court to open an investigation into Israel's war crimes and that Tel Aviv did not want to become a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

"Israel's nuclear weapons must be inspected beyond any doubt before it is too late. As Turkiye, we are making this call. I call on all world public opinion not to let this go," he stressed.


Erdogan expressed opposition to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, asserting that 60% of the Israeli population also opposes him. He claimed there is substantial evidence to prosecute the Israeli leadership in an international court.

"We are getting rid of Netanyahu. Israel will get rid of him and all the Jews of the world will get rid of him too. At the moment, everyone is feeding him with weapons, feeding him with money, but this situation makes the countries that support him pay a price," Erdogan emphasized.

"There is ample evidence to prosecute the Israeli leadership at the International Criminal Court. We will do our best to punish these crimes without prejudice," he added.


Erdogan said that just as the United States invaded Iraq with the lie of weapons of mass destruction, Israel is trying to legitimize its occupation through a similar lie.

"They are trying to find a cover for the war crimes they committed in Gaza. Israel did not commit these crimes unknowingly and accidentally, but deliberately. All massacres were designed, and where and how to kill women, men, and children were planned one by one. Israel enters the hospital with a cannon and a tank, let alone a rifle. They are still looking for a tunnel under the hospital. All these have turned out to be lies," Erdogan stressed.


Erdogan stated that he wants both Israelis captured by Hamas and Palestinian prisoners captured by Israel to be released and referred to a letter he received from Israeli families.

"Hamas has no interest in not releasing these people. We don't want Israelis or Palestinians to be held captive. Some of the hostages held by Hamas have been affected by the Israeli massacres of civilians. The Israeli families have given up hope in their government since they contacted us in this way," he said.

Erdogan emphasized that Turkish intelligence was investigating this matter and was working to get a result.


The Turkish president pointed out that Turkiye is very strong in unmanned combat aircraft and emphasized that the Turkish army is ranked fifth on the ground among NATO countries, saying that steps are being taken under the Century of Turkiye.

"Turkiye is preparing for a stronger future, for the Century of Turkiye that we always talk about. You are closely following the events in our geography, we have to be strong in this region. We must produce not only weapons but also technology," he stated.

"We have to work hard and be successful in order not to make our friends sad and our enemies happy. No country should worry. Because a big and strong Turkiye serves world peace. We have proven this many times and we continue to move in the same direction. No one should have any doubts. Turkiye uses its power and all its means for the honor of humanity," Erdogan added.


Finally, Erdogan said that he would like to see better relations with Athens at the cooperation conference he will attend during his upcoming visit to Greece.

"As two important and neighboring countries in the region, it is normal that our interests are aligned. We can resolve our differences on some issues by prioritizing dialogue," he stated.

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