Türkiye's Famed Eastern Express Sets Out First Journey Of Season

2022-12-14 14:30:03 | Son Güncelleme : 2022-12-14 15:44:09

The famed “Touristic Eastern Express,” which sets out from Istanbul, has completed the first journey of the season 2022-2023. The journey lasted approximately 34 hours and ended in Kars, Türkiye’s most northeastern province. Tourists on the Eastern Express were greeted enthusiastically in Kars.

With the Eastern Express running between the Turkish capital Ankara and eastern Kars province, passengers will have the chance to view historic and cultural sites while sampling a dazzling array of flavors.

The Touristic Eastern Express offers passengers an unforgettable 31-hour journey with picturesque views all along the route. The eastbound train runs 1,310 kilometers (814 miles) between Ankara and Kars, passing by Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan and Erzurum provinces.

As the train plies its route, it stops in Erzincan and Erzurum and while heading to Ankara in Divrigi, Sivas and Ilic. Before it arrives at its last stop, Kars, passengers will have the opportunity to see historic places such as the Great Mosque of Divrigi, Gok Madrasah in Sivas and the Cifte Minareli Madrasah in Erzurum province.

After passengers disembark from the train, they will have the opportunity to explore the archeological site of Ani Ruins, Castle of Kars, Tas Kopru (Stone Bridge) and Kumbet Mosque in Kars province.