Türkiye election runoff - live updates

2023-05-28 18:50:00 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-05-28 20:51:31

Türkiye went to the polls again on Sunday to elect the president, as the candidates did not receive an absolute majority in the first round of the Presidential Election held on 14 May. Voters started voting at 08:00 AM. Here are the presidential elections moment by moment...

Türkiye election runoff - live updates
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08:39 PM President Erdogan left for Ankara to deliver his 'balcony speech'.

08:25 PM President Erdogan: "We have completed the runoff of the presidential election with the favor of our nation."

08:15 PM President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks at his residence in Kisikli.

07:28 PM According to a statement by the High Election Board Ahmet Yener, 54.60 percent of the votes have been counted. Erdogan received 54.47 percent of the votes while Kilicdaroglu received 45.53 percent.

07:12 PM 90 percent of the polling stations are open. According to the latest data, Erdogan received 52.69 percent of the vote and Kilicdaroglu 47.31 percent.

06:53 PM 80 percent of the polling stations are open. According to the latest data, Erdogan received 53.56 percent of the vote and Kilicdaroglu 46.44 percent.

06:50 PM According to the statement of the Chairman of the Supreme Election Board Ahmet Yener, there has been 25 percent data flow in the Supreme Election Board. He said there is no problem with the data flow.

06:39 PM 70 percent of the polling stations are open. According to the latest data, Erdogan received 54.13 percent of the vote and Kilicdaroglu 45.87 percent.

06:30 PM 60 percent of the polling stations are open. According to the latest data, Erdogan received 55.13 percent of the vote and Kilicdaroglu 44.87 percent.

06:15 PM The election results are starting to be announced. According to the first data, Erdogan has 57.30 percent, Kilcdaroglu 42.70 percent.

06:13 PM Ahmet Yener, Chairman of the Supreme Election Board, announced that data sharing has not started yet but the broadcasting ban will be lifted at 06:15 PM.

06:06 PM President Erdogan is currently at his residence in Kisikli.

06:02 PM President Erdogan's expected "balcony speech" will take place at the Presidential Complex in Bestepe.

05:15 PM The President of the Supreme Electoral Council announced in a statement that the voting process ended peacefully.

05:05 PM The votes are being counted.

05:00 PM Voting in Türkiye's presidential elections has ended and polling stations have closed.

04:52 PM There have been numerous reported incidents of voting irregularities across the country, including attacks on ballot observers and at least one instance of a dead woman listed as eligible to vote.

Aynur Usta said her mother, who died eight years ago, appeared on the voter list in Istanbul’s Bahcelievler suburb.

“We haven’t encountered such a situation in the elections held since 2015,” she told.

04:39 PM Türkiye police launch probe into social media disinformation. The office of Istanbul’s chief public prosecutor has launched an investigation into social media accounts that allegedly spread misinformation and provocative posts, according to TRT.

03:50 PM Lastly, the votes cast in Canada were brought to Istanbul and all the votes cast abroad came to Türkiye. After the final checks, the votes were sent to Ankara.

03:00 PM The May 14th colorful scenes continued in the runoff. Some came dressed in sweaters for their lambs, some voted with a parrot on their shoulders. 110-year-old grandmother Safiye also took to the roads for democracy.

02:05 PM In Izmir, a horse riding coach and his friend went to vote with their horses. Citizens watched the event with interest and colorful images emerged during the runoff of voting in the Presidential Election.

01:53 PM He carried his mother on his back to the polling station.

01:46 PM President Erdogan visited the graves of his parents.

01:35 PM Voting abroad will end at 05:00 PM. Vote counting will begin in Ankara at 05:00 PM.

In the first round of elections, more than 1.60 million voters showed a turnout of 49.40 percent. In the runoff of elections, this number exceeded 1.70 million and the turnout is now 55 percent.The runoff of elections saw a record turnout.

Votes were cast in 151 representative offices in 73 countries.

01:14 PM In Samsun, a voter who came to the polls in her wedding dress voted in the runoff of the Presidential Election.

12:32 PM Muharrem Ince, the candidate who withdrew from the elections days before the first round, cast his vote for the runoff of the Presidential Election together with his wife.

12:28 PM President Erdogan:"For the first time we are going to a runoff election. Now there are 2 candidates. There is no 1 meter long ballot. It will be concluded very quickly."

12:17 PM Kilicdaroglu called on voters to vote and protect the ballot boxes.

12:15 PM 47,523 new voters came of age between first and second round.

An additional 47,523 people, who had their 18th birthdays between May 14 and 28, are eligible to vote in the second round.

“There are 60 million voters in Turkey. They were joined by more than 47,000 new voters from the last round because they turned 18,” said Al Jazeera’s Farah Al-Zaman Shawqi in Ankara.

12:11 PM Presidential candidates cast their votes simultaneously. 

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan went to the polls in Istanbul to cast his vote. 

Main opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu cast his vote in Ankara.

11:50 AM President Erdogan is expected to vote in Istanbul in the next few hours and then head to the capital Ankara.

He said he is expected to arrive at the polls in the country's first domestic electric vehicle, the TOGG T10X, which he promoted during the election campaign.

11:44 AM President  candidate Sinan Ogan, who finished third in the first elections, cast his vote. After losing in the first elections, Ogan had announced that he would support the People's Alliance and Erdogan.

10:38 AM According to a statement made by the President of the Supreme Electoral Council, it will be announced after 05:00 PM when the broadcasting ban will be lifted.

08:00 AM Voting has started in Türkiye.