TikTok Türkiye reveals measures to combat misinformation for local elections

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TikTok Türkiye is setting up a team to monitor and remove misleading content about the upcoming local elections on March 31

TikTok Türkiye reveals measures to combat misinformation for local elections

In a statement on March 18, Emir Gele, TikTok's representative for the Middle East, Africa, and Türkiye, announced measures for the upcoming elections. These include partnering with teyit.org, a prominent content verification platform in the country.

Türkiye boasts around 30 million TikTok users, ranking high globally.  

On election day, TikTok will work with teyit.org to limit premature victory claims until results are confirmed. Gele highlighted TikTok's efforts to combat misinformation and manipulation, stating that the platform removes content aiming to intimidate voters. Users can report misleading content within the app, with a dedicated team reviewing reports based on their policies. 

Additionally, TikTok guides users to reliable sources for accurate information when they report content related to unverified political entities or election issues in the app. Gele also mentioned that alerts would direct users to an election guide when they come across content with unverified claims about voting processes. 


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