AK Party's Ankara mayoral candidate casts his vote

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AK Party's Ankara mayoral candidate Turgut Altinok emphasizes the essence of democracy as he casts his vote in Ankara, urging citizens to participate in the electoral process

AK Party's Ankara mayoral candidate casts his vote

AK Party's Ankara mayoral candidate Turgut Altinok cast his vote in Ankara Kocatepe Primary School, emphasizing the essence of democracy and thanking supporters. 

"Democracy is the people choosing their own leaders. I thank everyone, we've been working closely with many close friends. Media members, you've worked tirelessly and diligently regardless of the cold. Our hope is that today, our citizens will vote with maturity.

Democracy is the realization of each individual's free will. We must uphold and respect the will of our citizens. The elections are for Ankara, our capital, the capital of our state, the showcase and reflection of our country's vision, and, as you know, the capital of our national struggle.

The neighborhood we are currently in is Karargahtepe. This area holds historical significance as Ataturk visited here in 1919 upon his arrival in Ankara. Moreover, our Meteorology General Directorate is situated here, marking this location as a pivotal site where our national struggle was molded and the contours of our national pact were delineated. In essence, we are in the very place where the saga of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish nation's essence was written. May the elections bring prosperity to our capital Ankara and pave the way for beneficial services. We will be monitoring the elections from our party headquarters."

Izmir candidate Hamza Dag cast his vote too 

AK Party's Izmir mayoral candidate Hamza Dag expressed his sentiments after casting his vote in Sehit Nazim Bey Primary School in Bayrakli, Izmir, highlighting a constructive and respectful campaign period that did not diminish the excitement.

He said, "We promised from the first day that we would only talk about our project, and we spent 70 days in this manner. We are experiencing the most beautiful exam of democracy, and I believe that tonight's results will be a win for all 4,500,000 Izmir residents. No one will lose; it will be a period where everyone wins."

Dag emphasized the start of a promising service process for the city and its districts, saying, "Starting tomorrow, together with our districts, our metropolitan city, and our neighborhood headmen, we will begin a very beautiful service process. Again, I say, tonight's outcome will be a win for all 4,500,000 Izmir residents; no one will lose."

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